Deer. Hail. More Paint.

Just got back from the lake. Met these two and about ninety of their friends. They have zero fear. The above isn’t zoomed in, I just walked up to them and took a pic. They didn’t give one or even two shits. They aren’t running away from me. Thunder ended our meet and greet a bit early. Then these things started falling out of the sky. Then all that was light turned to darkness and

It Is Not Going To End.

Sorry. It’s not. The plan all along is to shove us back into lockdown. They will blame everyone that didn’t get the injection for why everyone with the injection is getting sick. The injections they are manipulating everyone into receiving can and perhaps will actually make the virus stronger. It allows the virus access to learn it’s environment. This is known science. This potentially creates a stronger virus. Sure, there could come a time when

Knee High By July…

Food is independence. Happy 4th of July. I won’t be around so enjoy my June sentiments. hmmm… Perhaps worth the think, on this independence day (almost). How independent are you? Who controls what you don’t? How comfortable are you with that arrangement? What can you do this year to change it? I’m not your self help coach. Don’t ask. Think. How long could you survive a disruption to your “independence”? So… again… and think about

There… Then Back.

I was here. Then there. Now here again. This time with pictures. So I went to the lake. I had work to do… So… Wax on Wax off… Then some more waxing off Sometimes it rains… So I find other things to play with Also met Nessy, the porch monster. Luck. That is what I have. Dumb blind luck. Well, Until next time.

The Incredibly Detailed and Nuanced Reason I Quit the Facebook.

It is dumb. Facebook is fucking dumb. If you still use it, you are as well. You know exactly why. You don’t need me to tell you. You know very well that you should QUIT all social networks today. You aren’t and you cling to your excuses. You know it has not been a net benefit, yet you keep on using it… like the addict you are. here is a disgusting ginger giving you the

Ok, Once and for all… Is Hunter Biden a Scumbag… Sucking off his Dads Political titty?

Shit… that is a really divisive title… Hope I bring the goods. OK… Where to start I guess lets start with your link. this is it -> and I quote… The claim involves a cross-border private equity fund involving some state-owned financial companies in China. Biden served on the management company’s board while his father was vice president, but his attorney says that was an unpaid position, that he did not create the company

How would a Capitalist Society Take care of those in need?

I can understand the thought. If not forced by the government, why would anybody want to take care of anyone else? Capitalism just means everyone is out for themselves right? I do understand that thought… The problem is it doesn’t hold water. The most obvious refute is that government welfare spending, is in fact, capitalism, left alone, working to take care of its people. That’s exactly what it is. The government, with free elections and

Dear Trump Supporters…

Sure… I suppose first we should ask, Why do you believe this meme? I don’t mean to throw shade on the wonderful organization known as “Ridin’ With Biden” but seriously, in what world do you expect them to present you with accurate, unbiased, truthful information? Lets just say they seem to have an interest in disparaging Donald Trump and making anything he’s done seem not so great. So really, I should be asking you to