Grottos is a wannabe tombstone frozen pizza

Finally. Undeniable PROOF that Nicolas is Better than Grottos… With Charts and Stuff…

Hunter Biden is Beyond Accusation and a good boy!

Ok, Once and for all… Is Hunter Biden a Scumbag… Sucking off his Dads Political titty?

Shit… that is a really divisive title… Hope I bring the goods. Before I get started, I’d just like to take a minute to talk about the Lab partner/Lab partner relationship. This is the last chance our world has at honesty and integrity. Lab partners are second only to god and country. We know, through […]

Capitalism Is A Meany Face

How would a Capitalist Society Take care of those in need?

I can understand the thought. If not forced by the government, why would anybody want to take care of anyone else? Capitalism just means everyone is out for themselves right? I do understand that thought… The problem is it doesn’t hold water. The most obvious refute is that government welfare spending, is in fact, capitalism, […]

Why Do People Believe Memes?

Dear Trump Supporters…

Sure… I suppose first we should ask, Why do you believe this meme? I don’t mean to throw shade on the wonderful organization known as “Ridin’ With Biden” but seriously, in what world do you expect them to present you with accurate, unbiased, truthful information? Lets just say they seem to have an interest in […]