It Is Not Going To End.

Sorry. It’s not. The plan all along is to shove us back into lockdown. They will blame everyone that didn’t get the injection for why everyone with the injection is getting sick. The injections they are manipulating everyone into receiving can and perhaps will actually make the virus stronger. It allows the virus access to learn it’s environment. This is known science. This potentially creates a stronger virus. Sure, there could come a time when

The Incredibly Detailed and Nuanced Reason I Quit the Facebook.

It is dumb. Facebook is fucking dumb. If you still use it, you are as well. You know exactly why. You don’t need me to tell you. You know very well that you should QUIT all social networks today. You aren’t and you cling to your excuses. You know it has not been a net benefit, yet you keep on using it… like the addict you are. here is a disgusting ginger giving you the

How would a Capitalist Society Take care of those in need?

I can understand the thought. If not forced by the government, why would anybody want to take care of anyone else? Capitalism just means everyone is out for themselves right? I do understand that thought… The problem is it doesn’t hold water. The most obvious refute is that government welfare spending, is in fact, capitalism, left alone, working to take care of its people. That’s exactly what it is. The government, with free elections and