Some interestingness to be considered as we watch society crumble all around us, to the point that our absurd reality has gone beyond our capacity to fight normalcy bias, in its silly pursuit of perfection over good enough…

It may be useful to see what the mice had to tell us, when given similar circumstances.

It was very interesting because it applied to a creature that, many believe, is rather stupid — that is, driven by simple primal instincts.  Eat, drink, avoid being eaten by a cat and, of course, screw.

See why mice make such good representatives for humans…

A scientist built what should have been utopia.  A closed system with no shortages of water, food, places to nest and, of course, no predators.  The expectation was that the handful of male and female mice would, without any pressure to contain their numbers, eat, drink and screw themselves literally to death, consuming all space available since there were no other constraints.  There was no problem with clean air, water, food or the means to dispose of waste; ergo, population would expand exponentially until all space was consumed.

You know, like it was predicted in the 1970s and such with humans.

It started as predicted but rapidly did not work out that way.

Long before the mice reached physical constraints bad things started to happen.  The social order of raising little mice and imprinting on them what was necessary to turn them into prolific creatures broke down.  Eventually the mother mice stopped allowing their babies to nurse and the young mice stopped caring about anything at all, other than eating, grooming and sleeping.  Some got extremely aggressive and started attacking and raping anything that moved — even where there was no possibility of reproduction (e.g. raping other males.)  The birth rate fell, infant mortality soared and, ultimately, reproduction stopped entirely.

There was no equilibrium reached nor was the limit resource exhaustion, which was the original expectation.  Instead, the social order broke down and ultimately the entire population under test went extinct.

If you are surprised then you have not been paying attention to the world around you.

another choice quote from the article

The man who discovered that washing your hands before delivering babies prevented women from dying was literally drummed out of medical practice and pursued even beyond that to the point he was driven insane

Does that remind you of “modern” science at all? Nothing new is under the sun. We have pursued Utopia before. Our outcome will be similar, not because the leaders of this time are also corrupt but because human nature ensures such corruption will always be there when one is given the keys to society.

The problem with the future is Humans, as a species don’t sufficiently update to match their technology. Our psychology and propagandas’ ability to hotwire such. The effect “authoritative information” or what is better described, that which is perceived as such, has on a normal, functional, intelligent, human being, to ignore all of the chaos around them, with false isolation of events, obscuring entirely the connected nature of the root causes, causes under there direct observation, is well documented. Welcome to 1984, 2021 redux. You are living in it and if you disagree it is because the false reality has worked.

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