That is why censorship exists. To stop the one brave person from infecting the next with their bravery.

Not less than 12 hours after publically calling COVID 19 a HOAX. Full stop, HOAX. My long-standing (since 2006) site got its first brute force attack. Some party, who found me by a bot (known), probably linked to searching words like “COVID IS A FUCKING HOAX” (unknown) decided I would somehow be an easy target and have since set a lil ol script to try to guess the admin login information for this site.

So, no worries, this is amateur hour shit, so far but does serve as a notice.

Forces exist to stop this information from being shared, even by lil ol nobody me. Conspiracy theories just aren’t necessary when the entire power structure is so clearly out to suppress certain information. At the very least spin it.

So I exist, outside of their control. Though my reach is small, I’ve yet to be actively blocked by search engines (that will be soon I am certain) so the proper search term just might run you into my “disinformation” as they would say, as I would say empirical evidence.

No matter. Short of the government, my actual 3rd party server or perhaps an actual competent hacker, certainly not this script-wielding moron, whom I am quite easily dealing with, nobody is getting in here.

I will require official censorship. Sucks huh?

Sorry, not sorry.

To drive the point home, here are some hints to help you crack my security ASAP.

  1. My user name is not “admin” or as silly as “db” ya know, the dumb shit you’ve been trying…
  2. Further my password is exactly 26 characters (right now). That is a huge head start for you!
  3. If you haven’t noticed (you haven’t) the IP is banned every time you attempt to log in with an incorrect user name. So make sure you try a unique username and IP each time…. if just for the efficency. You can keep trying admin and db but you will never get in with the wrong user names. I am simply trying to save you a few million years of computing power.
  4. gee whiz… I wonder if someone who would go through the trouble of a 26 random character password for this small of a website… what else would they have going on? How many random characters do you think are in my username dipshit? I’ll never tell… Bet you didn’t know the user name was only the first password. No, you didn’t. You are seriously trying to crack my shit with “admin” as the user name. If I didn’t know you were so fucking dumb, I’d take that as an insult. Lucky for you, I know you are not very bright.
  5. FYI, I literally see everything you are doing and get alerted each time you do it. I watch you as you do it.
  6. Good Luck. I won’t say it is impossible but… I will say it is impossible for you, lil bitch.

Your current process should take, ballpark, around 9,110,560 years to be successful. Give or take a few hundred thousand years, based on luck and how many monkeys you have typing.

In other words, you are my bitch, bitch.

I own you, dummy. Well, I do when I feel like it. Clearly, you have little knowledge of the tools you are using. I do wonder who even gave you access to these tools.

So far you are simply a notch on the radar, I haven’t bothered to get creative.

Please, continue.

You should know though, we are not playing the same game. The simple fact is, by the admission of your own techniques…

We are not even the same species.

See, you play with toys, you might even be really good at playing with your toys.

Me though… Well, I can make the toys you use.

I can also make my own toys. New toys made just for you. I do get bored.

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