No, I’m not talking about the return of Coke Classic after the advent of “New Coke” or Hannah Montana’s change from kid singer to slutty pop star. Those are certainly up there.

No, what I am mentioning leaves those two in the dust choking for air. This was a global rebranding, accepted by the majority of the population of Earth, nearly immediately. This re-branding has since left the Earth shell-shocked, unable to even process the previous brands’ disappearance. Frankly, it is a modern marvel, worth study, if only to never allow such a thing to occur again.

I am talking about the re-branding of the flu, to its “new and improved” narrative establishing form, Covid-19.

First, perhaps it should be noted that nobody denies the flu has gone away.

Since the novel coronavirus began its global spread, influenza cases reported to the World Health Organization from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres have dropped to minute levels. The reason, epidemiologists think, is that the public health measures taken to keep the coronavirus from spreading—notably mask wearing and social distancing…

That does seem like an obvious conclusion to make. The problem is, upon analysis, the premise simply doesn’t hold water. You see, masks have already been shown not to stop the flu, even with highly trained individuals (nurses).

Objective To compare the surgical mask with the N95 respirator in protecting health care workers against influenza.

Intervention Assignment to either a fit-tested N95 respirator or a surgical mask when providing care to patients with febrile respiratory illness during the 2008-2009 influenza season.

So this study was meant to prove that surgical masks are just as effective at preventing the flu as n-95 masks, and has been highly cited for such. What is interesting to me though, this study actually proved that neither is effective. Nearly 1 in 4 of all participants still got the flu. Typically around 20% or less of the population gets the flu in any given year.

So no, mask-wearing by untrained individuals certainly would not make the flu disappear as even trained individuals still got the flu in 24% of cases with either a surgical mask or an n-95 respirator.

Ok, you may say… so what? Covid is obviously something else. Every medical establishment on earth says so. The news says so, the government says so. Everyone I talk to says so.

As I said, this was a very successful rebranding. It isn’t necessary for any of those so-called “authorities” to actively be lying to you. If some of them are or not is up for debate (and in some cases, beyond debate, they have lied and been caught) though that hardly matters. You see it only takes 1 or sometimes 2 things to be labeled as covid positive.

  1. A postive PCR test
  2. Presentation of Covid Like symptoms

Sometimes both. Either or is enough. So what are Covid symptoms? From the CDC

Fever or chills


Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


Muscle or body aches


New loss of taste or smell

Sore throat

Congestion or runny nose

Nausea or vomiting


If the year was 2019 and you had those symptoms, what would you say you had?

If you walked into an ER in 2020, what would a Dr, tell you you have?

These are the same symptoms as seasonal flu. Period. Full stop.

Ok, you may think, fine these two have similar symptoms but COVID people have been dropping dead and flu people don’t. Well 646,000 people die every year from the flu worldwide.

Obviously, the “death count” for covid is much higher but why exactly? According to the CDC, it is because the number is inflated. They don’t outright say it as plainly as that, but they present evidence that such is true.

So, I don’t even know what their fake death count is up to at this point, but from this chart, you can see that the majority of “covid deaths” had a severe co-morbidity. From the link, you will further see that they in fact admit

5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death.


Some had a heart attack, some had pneumonia, some had sepsis, some have been shot by a gun, some fell off a motorcycle, all have been listed as death by covid.

So the symptoms are the same, the death rate has been artificially inflated but what about those PCR test? Covid is clearly not the flu as it is clearly more contagious.

Well not so fast.

It is a long, technical article that you should read and re-read until you understand it. The implications, I might of one time called unbelievable. Nothing is unbelievable to me now. I will give you this quote:

On July 30th, 2020, Dr. Barbara Yaffe (Director of Communicable Disease Control, Toronto Public Health) told the media that, “In fact, if you are testing in a population that doesn’t have very much COVID, you’ll get false positives almost half the time. That is, the person actually doesn’t have COVID, they have something else. They may have nothing.”16 In theory a negative COVID-19 test could be converted from negative to positive simply by raising the Ct value. The opposite is also true. For example, a person testing positive after 38 cycles in Ontario would test negative following 33 cycles in Newfoundland.

With Ct levels in Canada varying from 33 to 45, it is not surprising that, “up to 90% of the Canadian COVID cases could be false positives…”

Let that sink in. 90% of PCR Covid positive results could be false positives. Yet that is still the test performed, now over a year later. Insanity.

So no, we have zero proof that covid is any more contagious than the flu. Actually, all evidence seems to say the opposite.

To go a step further, we have no proof Covid 19 even exists. Seriously.

So this was the most successful rebranding in history. Propaganda has gotten nearly the entire world to accept or at the very least go along with it. Sometimes kicking and screaming but mostly without any push-back.

That is the only thing that is making me sick. What is coming from these lies may actually kill you though, that is where the worry needs to be placed. Not some bullshit made-up virus.

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