So here it comes. Global lockdown 2.0

As the majority of people I know personally, continue to believe this is all over and we are moving on and putting the last 18+ months behind us. Maybe even in the process of “Building Back Better” (You should know that propaganda line is spoken by our new despots the world over). People seem optimistic for the future. Even excited.

I find myself wishing I could join the willfully ignorant in their glee.

It would be nice after all this bullshit that we have been forced through, with zero scientific merits, over all this time might finally be over. It would be nice to believe that our “authorities” haven’t been lying to us all this time, have just been following the data, and just installing temporary measures meant only to “save our lives”. Freedom be damned.

It would be a wonderful release to have. No doubt about it. I hardly blame anybody who has been ignoring the actual hell that is surrounding us. I don’t blame you, yet.

Unfortunately, I have no choice, I have to tell you so I can sleep at night. I am not a prophet, I simply listen to what the world tells me. What the world is telling me right now is…

This BULLSHIT is all coming back. Right now, literally, as I type.

Sorry. It just is.

All observable reality says so, not me, you get this info from me second-hand, I hear it directly from observable reality.

In the USA we can still ignore the coming trouble. We can believe that we are unique and what is going on everywhere isn’t going to eventually happen here as well. For the time being, we can pretend that life is going back to normal, it was tough but the light is there to guide us.

The problem is that is all also just a big pile of bullshit. Life is not getting back to normal, countries the world over are going into “lockdown” again over a virus with an average age of death well over the average life expectancy. Australia is going door to door and forcibly injecting people with an experimental injection known and proven to not even work.

In France, you now have to show your digital “papers” to participate in society. Meanwhile, Gibraltar, with a 99% injection rate is going back into lockdowns.

My own state just sent me an email to let me know all children will be forced to cover their faces with a piece of cloth because the government says so. Guess who’s next?

Not me. I will never put a mask on my face again, ever. Fuck Halloween. Fuck my government.

I wish covid wasn’t a hoax, I wish it wasn’t a cover for a global reset of all governments, economies, people, plants, animals, construction, communication, and power. I wish it wasn’t so clear to me, by their own words. I wish this wasn’t about putting the entirety of the world under a central authority.

Wishes simply don’t come true though. If we want this to end, we are actually going to have to do something about it. We are going to have to say no to vaccine passports, even if we had the injection. We are going to have to say no to mask mandates, even if we don’t think it’s that big of a deal. We are going to have to pull our kids out of public schools if the school systems don’t obey reason.

Compliance is what has got us here.

I can already hear the fearful people, walking around in their propaganda-created stupor. Screaming in terror, “If you just obeyed the rules this would all go away!” It is hard to understand the words through their three masks but I can get the jist of it. Just barely.

One quick question. How does that work out in reality?

If you give the bully your lunch money does he leave you alone tomorrow? No, he’s waiting there for you the next day, to take it again. and again. and again. and again, until that one day when you punch the fucker in the mouth.

So yeah, I really wish this wasn’t all true but it is. Wishing will not get rid of it, hoping will not get rid of it, and just doing what we are told will not get rid of it. We are going to have to actually do something. This is going to be uncomfortable. You must realize that’s a small sacrifice to avoid the future they are installing behind the scenes. The sooner that happens the less pain we will all feel. Make no mistake though, pain is coming. Something the world has never seen before.

Sadly, I don’t see that happening. What is going to happen is they are going to be even more brutal than last time, they will double down on all the policies that didn’t work before and you, rather than risk what little you have left will comply hoping the people that took everything from you will decide to give it back. They won’t.

I know how helpless it feels, what can one person do against this?

Well, you can inspire.

Do not comply. Make it public. Show others they aren’t alone either. Bravery is contagious, much more so than some fake virus used to bring in the worldwide technocracy control grid.

You may not think much of an individual snowflake. It is small, it is vulnerable, on its own not much to think about at all. When all the little, melting snowflakes join together though, well they can shut down a country.

Don’t get caught up in this storm. Please.

Be the fucking storm.

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