Meanwhile, nearly half of working adults in the USA can’t afford the rent on a one-bedroom apartment.

Tell me how spreading “our freedom” has worked out? 20 years, zero accomplished. Well, unless the goal was to bankrupt America, in which case, mission accomplished.

Make no mistake, the only reason we are out of Afganistan is that our debt dollars can no longer pay for it. Those resources will now be put into propping up this “system” until they can kill the dollar and install fedcoin, or whatever they end up calling it. To ensure its success, it will be tied to your vaccine passports as a biometric ID. The collapse has been obvious for over a decade.

Don’t fall for the debt bait and switch. The dollar is dead so any debt in dollars will be too. When they offer you debt forgiveness to sign up for their UBI and fedcoin, remember this is just the new scam system the people who killed the old scam system are installing.

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