As our hospitals face a shortage of workers and are removing bed capacity as employees who are able to read threaten to quit as administration threatens to fire anyone without “the jab” maybe we should look at the other countries who already made that mistake.

In a worrying trend, a recent study by the Israeli health ministry on Friday, revealed that Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine is less effective at preventing infection and symptomatic cases from the Delta variant of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The study stated that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was 39% effective at preventing infections and 41% effective at preventing symptomatic infections from the Delta variant, which is lower than the early estimates of 64%.


So they created a vaccine for a virus that had already mutated beyond the capacity of the vaccine (if you believe their own publications on the topic) to ever offer protection for the current varients. They then went on an all-out propaganda blitz, denying any chance of any adverse effect from an unstudied chemical cocktail being injected into your bloodstream (obvious lies), and now their solution to the vaccine that never addressed the current variant is to give you another shot of the vaccine that they already knew didn’t address the current mutations to somehow “up your immunity” despite knowing for a fact that the “jab” lowers immunity immediately after injection (by their publications).

No. I don’t believe anyone is this incompetent.

At this point, retardation can no longer be an excuse. They are lying to us in order to convince us to take a medical experiment that they already know doesn’t work, period, for its published purpose. Now they want us to get a 3rd injection? Of something they already admitted doesn’t work and the VEARS data suggest is killing people faster than “covid”?

You can keep playing along if you like. That is your choice, for now.

I suggest standing the fuck up and saying no.

No, I will not cover my children’s faces.

No, I will not stay inside my house.

No, I will not be part of your medical mRNA experiment.

No, I will not close my business, I am essential to my family.

No, I will not fall for any more of your BULLSHIT.

No, You are not in charge, and if you don’t resign willingly, we are more than you.

It is time to stop fucking around. This ends when we say no. This continues as long as we don’t.

Pick your side. Death cult or Liberty and Justice for all.

Choose wisely. The entire world hangs in the balance as well as your children’s future if any.

Fun from Ireland… coming soon to your neighborhood. Hey, why not choose freedom while it is still a choice to make?

That could never happen here? Please look at France, Australia, Italy, England, Ireland, etc, etc, etc… I’m sure they felt the same just a month or two ago. Just say no

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