In 8 Months, When the FOOD SHORTAGE Emerges, GLOBAL WARMING AND CLIMATE CHANGE didn’t do it… You did. You Supported these assholes. WAKE UP! Don’t go blaming climate change when the world-wide food shortage hits your home. Blame yourself, because right now your tax dollars are paying farmers to destroy food. No doubt any longer exist. To pay farmers to destroy food during a world-wide hunger event isn’t just stupid, it is suicidal. It is EVIL. But don’t worry, snopes says it isn’t happening… Or you are just stupid for believing that when the government tells farmers to

Adverse Reactions are Rare and Numbering in the Millions.

How many “extremely rare” adverse reactions to the “not a vaccine” chemical mRNA injection need to publicly happen before people realize that they are in the middle of a massive disinformation and depopulation campaign? Here is a clue, when the government says they need to restrict your access to information, for your safety, you are a subjected person. Do the math here. You are too stupid to be exposed to information the government deems “misinformation”