How many “extremely rare” adverse reactions to the “not a vaccine” chemical mRNA injection need to publicly happen before people realize that they are in the middle of a massive disinformation and depopulation campaign?

Here is a clue, when the government says they need to restrict your access to information, for your safety, you are a subjected person. Do the math here. You are too stupid to be exposed to information the government deems “misinformation” but somehow you are smart enough to participate in “free” elections?

When the government controls what information you are allowed to consume, they control your thoughts.

Here is some homework for you. Look up the most vaccinated countries in the world. Got them? Good. Now, look up their death rates since starting the vaccination campaign. Hope you didn’t use google, you like honest information, right?

If you are too lazy (and if you still question if this is all bullshit or not, you are) here you go…

So what about these “rare” side effects. Well, the injection doesn’t stop you from getting it, doesn’t stop you from transmitting it, and hot off the presses, doesn’t decrease the effects of it. So are they actually “side-effects” at that point or are they the actual intended “effect”?

Why do you think your vaccine card has 4 spots if not that they have already planned to give you two boosters? How dense can you be?

Why do you think FDA approval was fast-tracked by years and without any public comment?

Have you ever met a politician whose solution to any problem wasn’t giving them more control? Have those solutions ever worked?

Did you know that in a few days, you will be considered a dangerous “unvaxxed” potential domestic terrorist if you don’t get your booster? Do you think they will ever stop giving you boosters? Do you know the vaccine risk is cumulative as you get each injection? Do you really think if you “just obey” this all ends? How has that been working out for you?

I am disgusted by the people around me, cheering on gleefully their own destruction and servitude. I am disgusted at the medical professionals who would rather protect their jobs than the health of humanity.

99.7% of people survive covid. Just ask the CDC. Or rather, don’t ask them… you have to actually look at their published information. I know, it is soooo hard huh? So much easier to just accept the BS they throw at you and pretend they actually give two fucks if you live or die.

They don’t. Wake the fuck up asshole. This is war and you don’t even know it. When you die, when your children are unable to give you grandchildren, will you continue to bow at the alter of credentialism? Will you thank them for saving you from the sniffles at the loss of your freedom, your children’s freedom? Will you still be eating the shit they shove in your face? At what point will you stop getting the boosters? Ever?

Do you have a line in the sand? It is starting to feel like you will just accept anything a person on TV wearing a lab coat will tell you. Are you really that fucking stupid?