Don’t go blaming climate change when the world-wide food shortage hits your home. Blame yourself, because right now your tax dollars are paying farmers to destroy food.

No doubt any longer exist. To pay farmers to destroy food during a world-wide hunger event isn’t just stupid, it is suicidal. It is EVIL.

But don’t worry, snopes says it isn’t happening… Or you are just stupid for believing that when the government tells farmers to destroy the crops that means that somehow less food will be available.

The food shortage is coming, no doubt about it. It is already happening around the rest of the world. Don’t fall for the “climate change did it” lie again. You did it, by not acting now. Your children will be hungry because YOU did nothing when you still had the chance.

Climate change is not destroying our food supply, farmers are, at the instruction of your government. Deal with reality for once and stop this shit.