Seriously buddy… I just want you to realize what is going on.

Not trying to insult you or anybody else… with that said HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE YOU DIPSHIT?

How can you go around saying you didn’t know that a 3rd shot was coming? WHY do you think your stupid pussy injection card HAS FOUR FUCKING LINES… Gee whiz, could it be because they expect to give you a new injection every fucking quarter for the rest of your fucking life you stupid fuck?

Again, no offense but to still continue to believe that if we just obey, we will get our freedoms back, you must be a fucking retard… A literal, medical-defined retard.

Here is something you have never seemed to think about. When the people in power say “hey, just do this and you will get your freedom” That means, your freedom has already been taken…

This is not hard… THINK for 10 seconds… if you have to obey, to get your freedom back, how again are you free? Seriously. This will matter. Figure it out now. If someone says “do this”, you are obeying orders… if you can say no and nothing happens, well, that is freedom. If you can’t, that means you are a slave that will be fine as long as you do what your master says.

You may even be cheering your master on. I think they were called house niggers. Are you a fucking house nigger?

That may seem dramatic, but it is just what I have observed of your actions. You are cattle. You submit to being tagged, tracked, and fed. You are a fucking domesticated animal. I have nothing but hope for you but feel nothing but pity for you. Your death will be sad but of your own doing.

Again… When others are telling you what to do, and you can’t say FUCK YOU, you are already a fucking slave.

Here is an idea. Free yourself. Yes, means subjugation. No means freedom. Practice saying no if it is so fucking hard.

Make your choice. Just remember, if you accept these assholes can shut your business down, cover your face and destroy your children’s education and that somehow when enough people OBEY it will end, you are a fucking moron.

It only ends when you say no.

When you say no, we will say no with you. Do not give in to fear. It is the world’s biggest bluff and so far you are falling for it. Stop it! Fuck… STOP IT. Say NO!

Saying yes legitimizes everything they have done. I guess it hasn’t affected you yet? Don’t fret… you are next.

Obedience is the opposite of freedom. Anybody saying you must obey to get back your freedoms is a fucking idiot.

We will not forget that you said go along to get along. We will not forget that you accepted the vaccine passport and that made it legal for us not to be in public. We will remember everything you do to us. Those of us who live through it… we will not forget what you let happen. We will remember the people you killed through your acceptance. Sweet dreams.