These are odd times indeed. Anybody on Earth who thought they were free a little less than 2 years ago has some hard truths to face up to. Myself, I knew things were trending in this direction, for at least the last 20 years but I could have never imagined that something like this would happen so quickly and, with so little pushback.

The Cult of “Muh Safety” and the politicians that are all too happy to convince the fear-induced public that freedom doesn’t matter when they tell you it doesn’t have destroyed the world, by design. See in order to “™Build Back Better” first the world must be destroyed.

I can tell you that Covid-19 has an all-age survival rate of 99.7%. That doesn’t matter. I can show you that over 90% of listed Covid-19 deaths have an average of 3 comorbidities and that the average age of death is over the average life expectancy. That doesn’t matter either.

We are dealing with mass psychosis. The rules we use to live by are over. The sooner we accept that, the sooner we can go about with the cure. We have precious little time in the USA. In other countries, like Canada, even less. In other countries still, like Australia, it may already be well too late.

I don’t know how to get us out of this mess. I do know that the first step is to stop obeying. I also know that is going to bring a heavy response from the state. We have to be willing to sacrifice it all because we know they will take everything. This is a hard thing for a guy who only two years ago spent his day writing jokes. Well, that time has passed, not just for me but for every being on Earth.

This begins to end when we say no. When we see someone else saying no, we have to be ready to defend and even join them. We have to be ready for the response, which will be swift and brutal. Just remember, that brutality is nothing, compared to the daily life of living on your knees and the total control grid they are installing.

I hope afterward, I can spend my time making people laugh again. Enjoying the world with fresh and grateful eyes. I hope you will be there with me on the other side. Many will not make it. More will. They will fail, eventually. The only question is if the failure happens quickly because we stood up and said no or much longer because we waited it out knowing eventually they will fail from their own incompetence.

In any event, we are no longer a free people, our own governments have declared war on their people and it is just a matter of time before the teeth come out.

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