Really, how much is enough?

The relentless pursuit of more has made our species a shallow, thankless, godless, nearly hopeless Pavlovian animal. We work endless hours to ignore the existence of those we love as we bury our minds in a never-ending pursuit of likes and vapid superficial commentary from virtual avatars of people.

We look at our neighbors with envy and spite. We think those who have more didn’t earn it, don’t deserve it, and by all rights, it belongs to me. I must have more! Those who have less aren’t worth even considering and are very easily ignored.

We take selfies to show we consume more than others while our grandmother sits in a retirement home alone as strangers keep her alive just long enough to run through her life savings.

We live-tweet season premieres as our brothers and sisters kill themselves slowly with the same addictions we pretend we don’t have. We allow the state to raise our children and then wonder why they grow up to hate us.

We have decided a pair of designer shoes will make us happy. A divorce is natural, and a child is too expensive. Is it any wonder we also turn to drugs, alcohol, and any other form of addiction?

I am telling you this because I find this state of being absolutely disgusting.

You are most likely reading this because that is all too obvious to you as well. Our species has turned away from tradition and towards anything new. Whatever it is, just give me more. MOAR!

As a result, modern living isn’t living at all, but rather a collection of the opposite. The knowledge gained through countless generations that came before has been discarded nearly entirely.

Ugly is beautiful, fake is real, lust is love, fat is healthy, ignorance is educated, family is foreign, foreigners are friends, killing ourselves is living, vanity is a virtue, and virtues are vanity.

Are you angry? Depressed? Do you feel at all anymore?

All of the above? Don’t worry, we have a pill for that. Just sign here and forfeit your soul.

You are not alone. The rejection of lies and the acceptance of truth in a world that values only deception and materialism has no other purpose.

Your reaction to that fact means you are still human. The simple realization of that fact is the first step in a seasonal migration back to what all who came before us knew inherently. Truth, family, religion, community. These are not dirty words, these ideas are the foundation of our existence.

Without them, we are all doomed.