Here is an idea. Don’t fall for it, the so-called “exemptions”. Asking that one proves their religious or medical objections to a synthetic cocktail being injected into their body, is just fucking ridiculous.

Who are these arbiters of truth? What qualifications do they have to question your judgment on your decisions? The entire thing is a scam.

Get this. You don’t have to inject a chemical into your bloodstream and anybody that asks you to, or to prove or explain why you don’t want the thing, the correct response is “FUCK OFF!” If they continue or try to forcibly inject you, the proper response is much more violent.

They think this is some sort of game. That they can manipulate any of us to do anything they like. They are going to find out how alive the American Spirit is. I don’t envy them once people find out what they have been up to this time. They will not be able to show their faces outside again.

These people will be dragged from their homes. It is going to be some crazy stuff.

The best you can do for now is try to ride this thing out. These people have power but are insanely incompetent. They will fail. In the meantime, things are going to get weird. Not much time before that starts. Get ready.