Not trying to INSULT you… Seriously though… Did you not notice FOUR lines on a card meant to only record TWO injections?

Seriously buddy… I just want you to realize what is going on. Not trying to insult you or anybody else… with that said HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE YOU DIPSHIT? How can you go around saying you didn’t know that a 3rd shot was coming? WHY do you think your stupid pussy injection card HAS FOUR FUCKING LINES… Gee whiz, could it be because they expect to give you a new injection every fucking quarter for

Bye Bye Loser…

So today my annoyance met my free time. Never mind that you were NEVER going to break into this site in the manner you were trying, I got tired of you buzzing around my head and landing on my nice glass of milk. You are a gnat. So you will find your methods are quite blocked to you now. Thanks for falling into every single one of my traps today, it helped me greatly. You

It Is Not Going To End.

Sorry. It’s not. The plan all along is to shove us back into lockdown. They will blame everyone that didn’t get the injection for why everyone with the injection is getting sick. The injections they are manipulating everyone into receiving can and perhaps will actually make the virus stronger. It allows the virus access to learning its environment. This is known science. This potentially creates a stronger virus. Sure, there could come a time when