Ok, Once and for All… Is Hunter Biden a Scumbag… Sucking Off His Daddys’ Political Titty?

Shit… that is a really divisive title… Hope I bring the goods. OK… Where to start I guess lets start with your link. this is it -> https://www.factcheck.org/2019/10/trumps-claims-about-hunter-biden-in-china/?fbclid=IwAR16lDOF1yMg9O0DOrul87WuTwUXHU8ZvFJRwW3rxwnVEVtMasur4rgjn0w and I quote… The claim involves a cross-border private equity fund involving some state-owned financial companies in China. Biden served on the management company’s board while his father was vice president, but his attorney says that was an unpaid position, that he did not create the company

Dear Trump Supporters…

Sure… I suppose first we should ask, Why do you believe this meme? I don’t mean to throw shade on the wonderful organization known as “Ridin’ With Biden” but seriously, in what world do you expect them to present you with accurate, unbiased, truthful information? Lets just say they seem to have an interest in disparaging Donald Trump and making anything he’s done seem not so great. So really, I should be asking you to