Deer. Hail. More Paint.

Just got back from the lake. Met these two and about ninety of their friends. They have zero fear. The above isn’t zoomed in, I just walked up to them and took a pic. They didn’t give one or even two shits. They aren’t running away from me. Thunder ended our meet and greet a bit early. Then these things started falling out of the sky. Then all that was light turned to darkness and

There… Then Back.

I was here. Then there. Now here again. This time with pictures. So I went to the lake. I had work to do… So… Wax on Wax off… Then some more waxing off Sometimes it rains… So I find other things to play with Also met Nessy, the porch monster. Luck. That is what I have. Dumb blind luck. Well, Until next time.