The Exemption Scam

Here is an idea. Don’t fall for it, the so-called “exemptions”. Asking that one proves their religious or medical objections to a synthetic cocktail being injected into their body, is just fucking ridiculous. Who are these arbiters of truth? What qualifications do they have to question your judgment on your decisions? The entire thing is a scam. Get this. You don’t have to inject a chemical into your bloodstream and anybody that asks you to,

We are Already a Subjucated People.

These are odd times indeed. Anybody on Earth who thought they were free a little less than 2 years ago has some hard truths to face up to. Myself, I knew things were trending in this direction, for at least the last 20 years but I could have never imagined that something like this would happen so quickly and, with so little pushback. The Cult of “Muh Safety” and the politicians that are all too

Not trying to INSULT you… Seriously though… Did you not notice FOUR lines on a card meant to only record TWO injections?

Seriously buddy… I just want you to realize what is going on. Not trying to insult you or anybody else… with that said HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE YOU DIPSHIT? How can you go around saying you didn’t know that a 3rd shot was coming? WHY do you think your stupid pussy injection card HAS FOUR FUCKING LINES… Gee whiz, could it be because they expect to give you a new injection every fucking quarter for

In 8 Months, When the FOOD SHORTAGE Emerges, GLOBAL WARMING AND CLIMATE CHANGE didn’t do it… You did. You Supported these assholes. WAKE UP! Don’t go blaming climate change when the world-wide food shortage hits your home. Blame yourself, because right now your tax dollars are paying farmers to destroy food. No doubt any longer exist. To pay farmers to destroy food during a world-wide hunger event isn’t just stupid, it is suicidal. It is EVIL. But don’t worry, snopes says it isn’t happening… Or you are just stupid for believing that when the government tells farmers to

Adverse Reactions are Rare and Numbering in the Millions.

How many “extremely rare” adverse reactions to the “not a vaccine” chemical mRNA injection need to publicly happen before people realize that they are in the middle of a massive disinformation and depopulation campaign? Here is a clue, when the government says they need to restrict your access to information, for your safety, you are a subjected person. Do the math here. You are too stupid to be exposed to information the government deems “misinformation”

Bye Bye Loser…

So today my annoyance met my free time. Never mind that you were NEVER going to break into this site in the manner you were trying, I got tired of you buzzing around my head and landing on my nice glass of milk. You are a gnat. So you will find your methods are quite blocked to you now. Thanks for falling into every single one of my traps today, it helped me greatly. You

39% Effective. AKA 61% Ineffective. Covid Survival Rate 99.7%. As our hospitals face a shortage of workers and are removing bed capacity as employees who are able to read threaten to quit as administration threatens to fire anyone without “the jab” maybe we should look at the other countries who already made that mistake. In a worrying trend, a recent study by the Israeli health ministry on Friday, revealed that Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine is less effective at preventing infection and symptomatic cases from