How Much Is Enough?

Really, how much is enough? The relentless pursuit of more has made our species a shallow, thankless, godless, nearly hopeless Pavlovian animal. We work endless hours to ignore the existence of those we love as we bury our minds in a never-ending pursuit of likes and vapid superficial commentary from virtual avatars of people. We look at our neighbors with envy and spite. We think those who have more didn’t earn it, don’t deserve it,

We are Already a Subjucated People.

These are odd times indeed. Anybody on Earth who thought they were free a little less than 2 years ago has some hard truths to face up to. Myself, I knew things were trending in this direction, for at least the last 20 years but I could have never imagined that something like this would happen so quickly and, with so little pushback. The Cult of “Muh Safety” and the politicians that are all too

Not trying to INSULT you… Seriously though… Did you not notice FOUR lines on a card meant to only record TWO injections?

Seriously buddy… I just want you to realize what is going on. Not trying to insult you or anybody else… with that said HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE YOU DIPSHIT? How can you go around saying you didn’t know that a 3rd shot was coming? WHY do you think your stupid pussy injection card HAS FOUR FUCKING LINES… Gee whiz, could it be because they expect to give you a new injection every fucking quarter for